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JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table Review The JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis table is an excellent choice for small areas or a limited budget. It measures the same as a pool table in height and is around two-thirds the regulation size. The JOOLA Midsize ping pong table is manufactured using the same high-quality materials ...

Joola vs Stiga is a huge debate among ping pong enthusiasts. Joola’s tables have been used in the Olympics, so, understandably, they’re popular. On the other hand, Stiga performs just as well in sales, if not better. Consequently, it’s easy to see these two brands as rivals, especially regarding the Joola Inside 15 ...

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Are you looking to enjoy a game of ping pong with friends or family but simply do not have enough space indoors? If so, then the best outdoor ping pong table is the perfect solution. While many of these models do not offer the same level of bounce as what you’d get from an indoor table, they are still sufficient to ...

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