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Whether you’re a professional table tennis player or just a newbie only starting to explore the basics and nuances of this game, you found the right resource. On this site, you’ll find everything needed for becoming a table tennis expert whatever level you’re now at.

What we do here

On PingPongAcademy.org, we’ve collected the best ping pong-related products the market has to offer. Simply choose the category you’re interested in, and rest assured our experts have included the most remarkable models available today. Your shopping search has never been easier!

How we do it

First, we do a market research. For each product type, our team of experts makes a list of essential features to pay attention to in the first place. With these features in mind, we scour the market for the bestselling, most trustworthy brands as well as those less recognizable but promising ones.

Next, we make a list of the products which correspond to our criteria best. Each one has high customer rating and positive buyers’ feedback.

All of the products go directly to our testing department. There, professional ping pong players and experienced hobbyists put them to the test. They make a report for each of them, highlighting their pros and cons and giving them a score based on the findings.

After that, the research results are presented in a form of a comprehensive, easy-to-read text, thanks to our team of authors and editors. The final step is to make the article visually appealing – that’s the task of our content managers and photographer.

Our team


Jim Yang

Founder, Expert Consultant

Jim Yang was a highly skilled professional ping pong player in the past. He ended his pro sports career in 2019, and founded PingPongAcademy.org as a logical continuation of his passion. He’s also our main site expert consultant and YouTube presenter.


Robert Blount

Research Writer

Robert is a professional journalist who’s also a freelance writer in his free time. He loves science-fiction stories and documentaries about UFO. Robert is also planning to write his own science-fiction novel in the nearest future.


Gary Rodgers

Expert Consultant

Gary has been playing table tennis for as long as he remembers and is a winner of numerous regional and a few international tournaments. In his free time, Gary loves jogging and camping with his wife and two kids.

What’s our interest?

You may wonder if we promote anyone with the help of this website. We’re not sponsored by any specific company. Our site is a participant of an affiliate program meaning we get commissions from each purchase you make with the help of our reviews. This lets us be completely unbiased since there’s no differentiation between brands and models.

Got any questions left?

If, after reading our reviews, you have some questions or comments left, don’t hesitate to contact our editorial team: [email protected]. Our experts are always ready to help in case anything stays controversial or unclear.