Who Invented Table Tennis: A Brief History

After reading this article, you should have an idea about the origins of table tennis and what the game is all about.
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There are multitudes of sports that require supreme athleticism from performers, but table tennis isn’t one of these. Instead, table tennis (or ping-pong as it is sometimes called) requires sharp reflexes and quick reactions from its players.

This is not to say that players of the game won’t be physically taxed, but it does indicate that you don’t need to be capable of running a half-marathon to stay competitive. Trusted Source Fitness for Table Tennis Physical fitness is more important at the higher levels of competition in table tennis / ping pong. www.topendsports.com The modern game of table tennis is dominated on the global stage by the Chinese, but who invented table tennis, and where did the game originate.

These questions would be answered within this article along with information that could benefit beginners to the sport.

Table Tennis History

Table Tennis History

It is thought that upper-class Victorians in England invented table tennis in the 1880s as a genteel, after-dinner alternative to lawn tennis, using whatever they could find as equipment.

The exact year that the game began cannot be stated with certainty, but it is estimated to have gained popularity in late 19th century England. Reports also claim that some versions of the game were being played by British officers stationed in India at around the same period. Though both claims link the roots of table tennis history to two different continents of the world, one thing is certain: table tennis origins are British.

Table Tennis or Ping Pong: the Origin of the Name

As we stated earlier, the names ping-pong and table tennis are often used interchangeably by many players of the game and strangers to the game alike. However, are they truly the same thing?

Well, they were the same thing up until 2011, but now they are distinctly different sports or games. They still have many similarities and use similar equipment during play, but they differ in their rules, which is the soul of a game. The intricacies of both games are compared usually for those interested in learning more.

Differences aside, though, how did the name ping-pong come to be? Some claim that the name ping-pong came from the sound of the ball as it struck the table and bat, but many others claim the name originated from the fact that many manufacturers looking to market their playing equipment individually of one another used many different names, of which ping-pong was one. 

The name ping-pong went on to be trademarked by certain manufacturers in both Britain and America and, along with the original name of table tennis, won the unofficial battle of names.

First Equipment

Early in ping-pong and table tennis history, the game didn’t look like what it is today. This is to be expected as, in the formative years, not a lot of might have gone into the design and functionality of the equipment. However, innovations have improved the game and changed it as well.

In the early days of table tennis, games were usually played on dining tables or billiard tables. If you think the latter would have been unsuitable, think of the fact that most versions of the game were played with rubber balls.

Arguably the most extreme version of the game was that designed by the British officers. Thanks to their relatively limited access to equipment, they played on tables with books serving as nets, books as bats, and even golf balls as the game ball.      

Table Tennis Table

In contrast to the billiard tables or dining tables that were once used to play the game of table tennis, today specialized boards. Some modern boards have even been developed to be foldable to facilitate storage. 

The tables used today are all required to meet certain requirements recommended by the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) for professional play. These specifications cover the length of the table, the width of the table, the height of the net, and the material from which the table is made from.

We have compiled a list of the best ping-pong tables for beginners and experts looking to acquire personal tables to help improve their game.

Table Tennis Bat

The bats used in the early days of table tennis were in various shapes, sizes, and materials, with almost no emphasis on uniformity of equipment. The most common, however, were made from wood and vellum canvas.

The structure of the bat is one of the ways that ping-pong has been made to differ from table tennis. Today, the table tennis bats (or paddles or rackets) are covered with rubber and made from wood. Many other materials may be used along with the rubber, but the ITTF has mandated that at least 85% of the bat (by thickness) must consist of wood.

Some of the other materials include sponges, which are attached beneath the rubber materials to affect the spin and speed of the ball. This can be fixed in place using glues like the Butterfly Free Chack.

It should be noted that specifications concerning the bats focus on their rigidity and flatness but not on the particular dimensions or on whether the bat should be covered on both sides with rubber. However, players must color the sides of their bats red and black and allow opposing players to inspect both sides before games start to identify what materials are present on both sides.

Table Tennis Bat

Rackets covered with pimpled rubber ruled the game of table tennis until the early 1950’s, when sponge bats appeared.

Table Tennis Ball

The final piece of equipment to be touched upon is the ball. Back in the early days, rubber balls and even golf balls were used. However, these were replaced by the more suitable celluloid balls. Modern table tennis balls are made from a plastic polymer and are finished in white or orange colors.

The color of the ball used would depend on the table. There are specifications from the ITTF to guide the size and quality of balls, and tournament balls can only be used after ITTF approval. 

Trusted brands and products such as the JOOLA Family Racket Set from JOOLA should be considered have been fingered by many reviews as providing quality table tennis equipment.   

Table Tennis Rules

The rules of the table tennis Trusted Source Table Tennis Rules| Killerspin Play shall be continuous throughout a match. www.killerspin.com are quite easy to understand. The most basic is that guiding gameplay, which requires each player to serve the ball so that it bounces on both sides of the court and receivers receive after the ball bounces on their side in such a way that the ball bounces only on the opposing side. Failure to receive or abide by the rules guiding the gameplay while serving or receiving amounts to the gain of a point for the opposing player.

Table tennis rules require players to win 11 points to win a set and the winner of a match up to win four sets in best of seven games. The game’s rules may be adapted into some offensive and defensive strategies, many of which can be honed by practice.

Here are some ideas on how to practice and improve at ping-pong or table tennis. 

Interesting Facts about Table Tennis

The popularity of the sport indicates just how interesting it is from a playing and watching perspective. However, if you love some history to go with your table tennis as well, here are some facts you might find interesting:

  1. It once played a diplomatic role in world politics in a move popularly termed “ Ping Pong diplomacy Trusted Source How Ping-Pong Diplomacy Thawed the Cold War - HISTORY Find out how table tennis became an unlikely tool in international relations. www.history.com ”.
  2. There are over 1,600 approved rubbers for use in table tennis bats.
  3. The game is the most popular indoor sport in the world and is dominated by the Chinese.

Final thoughts

From its origins in Victorian England to the influence of American manufacturing on its equipment, the history of table tennis is littered with diversity and the domination of Asia in the game fits into the narrative of the game as a global sport.

Thanks to this diversity and history, table tennis underwent numerous modifications by many proponents of the game, including manufacturers of playing equipment and enthusiasts of the game alike. 

As such, while it might be challenging to pinpoint who invented table tennis adequately, we could take solace in the fact that the game has outgrown its humble beginnings to unite the world, “politically” and in a sporting sense.

So, rather than simply reading this and moving on, why don’t you devote more time and effort to learning how to play a game that has bridged cultural gaps and grown into the most popular indoor sport in the world.


Fitness for Table Tennis
Physical fitness is more important at the higher levels of competition in table tennis / ping pong.
Table Tennis Rules| Killerspin
Play shall be continuous throughout a match.
How Ping-Pong Diplomacy Thawed the Cold War - HISTORY
Find out how table tennis became an unlikely tool in international relations.
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