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Last updated: August 13, 2023

Cornilleau 500M Review: Versatile and Delightful Table

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Last updated: August 13, 2023
PingPongAcademy is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Pro tennis players
  • Aspiring tennis players
  • Fun seekers
  • Outdoor games
  • Beach parties
  • Open roof parties
Key features:
  • Sturdy material
  • Laminate surface
  • Patented mat finish
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  • Design 9.1
  • Ease of use 9.5
  • Versatility 9.2
  • Warranty 9.8
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PingPongAcademy is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

The Cornilleau 500M is one of the best tennis tables that lovers of the game would love to get their hands on due to the functionality and efficiency that it offers. The table, at first glance, generally promises a lot, and this is exactly what users get. Its dimension is the perfect fit that both amateurs and professionals will find to be very beneficial, and it offers a lot more in terms of its bounce and how well players can strike the ball.

The Cornilleau 500M is undoubtedly a top-grade ping pong tennis surface, and it is no surprise while its vast production and popularity among tennis players have continued to grow.

This tennis table is outrightly ranked an innovative brand and is among the most used surface. This article will be giving a full analysis and outline the facts that make this table better than others and what customers should expect when they eventually make a purchase.


107.87 x 60.04 x 29.92 inches
Base material
Alloy steel
Frame material
7mm laminate
8 inches
Patented Mat-Top
10 years

Overall performance and functions

The table has a 7mm resin laminated playing surface with Mat-Top finishing. The finishing has a lot of functions, including the aesthetic feel it gives to the board and how it helps reduce the effects of glare on the eyes by up to 10 times.

It also helps maintain an even bounce on the ball on all surface areas, a feature that serves as a marker for standard competitive ping pong tables. The board also has great leg levelers, which are approximately 3 cm in adjustment.

Table size

The table has a dimension of 274 CM in length, 152.5 CM width-wise, and 76 CM in height. Put into context, the table is 9 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 2 feet 6 inches in height. This slightly surpasses the recommended official table size, making it ideal for pros or those aspiring to become pros.

This table requires a minimum play area of 5.1 m (17 ft) in length and 3.3 m (11 ft) width-wise. This is to fully maximize the table’s body and avoid injuries from clustering the play area.

Frame and design

The arched leg design makes the table balanced on all surfaces and gives the table the added sense of style not regularly found on other outdoor ping pong tables. The frame was built with strength in mind as it can keep up with the 170-pound Cornilleau 500M—the legs also have steel reinforcements inserted between them—the result is a very solid support structure that makes the table hold its own in outdoor conditions. The legs have adjustable feet, which help when the table moves from one playing surface to another.

Playing surface

Cornilleau 500M Review: Versatile and Delightful Table

With a 7 mm resin laminate finishing, you are assured of getting the best bounce of any outdoor table.

The thickness of the top makes a world of difference as per ‘True’ ball bounce and the ability of the table to rebound your shots authentically.


This is another feature that those who purchase the Cornilleou 500M will love. When playing outdoors, the glare of the sun can become problematic. The manufacturers taking that into account, added the anti-glare finish Mat-top, which also helps with proper ball adherence.


The Cornilleou comes in 2 beautiful tabletop colors, Blue and Grey, as the table itself is made weatherproof—simply put, it does not absorb water, making it a simple case of wipe-off and get on with the game.


The table DSI Locking System is among the very best in the industry and is also one of the reasons why the table is held in high regard by both professional players and leisure users.

The table can be locked in storage or playing positions, which is great for kids who are generally curious to explore new things. With the lock feature on, they won’t be able to make a mess of anything. The table has 16 distinctive locking points.

The corner protection pads on the top of each end of the table are also what parents will appreciate. Kids can get attracted by the board, and when playing, they could lose their balance. If there happens to be a collision with the board during the slip, the pad can serve as handy protection.


Generally, ping pong tables take a long time to assemble. However, with the Cornilleou 500M, assembling is faster, and within less than 90 minutes, the entire setup will be completed, and play can kick off. There is a 10-minute window where an extra pair of hands will be required to lift the table panels into place. Otherwise, the instruction manual is very definitive.

Moving and storage

The Cornilleou 500M has 4 sets of double wheels, 2 of which have brakes. This makes for easy rolling of the table to where you want to go and secure it in place with the brake system. The wheels are heavy-duty enough to roll across grass, dirt, and rocks. There is an upside-down U-shaped handle that the manufacturer put on the table between the wheels. This aids you in getting the leverage to maneuver and lift the table over and around obstacles such as rocks, stairways, doorways, shrubs, and even people.


Cornilleau 500M Review: Versatile and Delightful Table

To place the table into storage mode, reach down the table, grab the orange handle, and pull. This is designed to be operated by a single person. Therefore it is safe to use.

The weatherproof net on the Cornilleou 500M is adjustable both for height and tension. It is also retractable, which is another feature that is unique to the 500M. The net will retract between the two panels when moving into storage mode. That way, the table can fit into tighter spaces with nothing hanging out from the edges.

Durability and warranty

The Cornilleau 500M has a tabletop surface that is laminated with a resin 7mm thick on the upper end. As stated before, it gets one of the best ball bounces, and you can keep the table under the skies all year long as it is protected from rust and wrapping by a sealed protective melamine coating that prevents moisture from penetrating. Cornilleau gives a 10-year warranty on the 500M, which covers materials and workmanship. It excludes wearing on parts—wheels, net, net posts. The Cornilleou 500M is an innovative product that has the below specifications.

Price tag

The 500M goes for the eye-popping sum of $1,649.99, with no discounts.

Other features

The 500M has storage on the sides of the table, which is above the wheels and below the net, and this is for the 4 ping pong paddles and 8 ping pong balls. A ball dispenser is placed right below the end of the table where a player can quickly reach and easily grab a new ball and play with it.

Pros Cons
7mm resin weather-resistant table surface Long(ish) assembly time
Durable corrosion-proof frame Fairly heavy
Massive double wheels Price
Wheelchair friendly
Bat and ball storage
Convenient ball dispensers
Adjustable, retractable weatherproof net
Available in two colors
10-year warranty


There are very few outdoor outcompete the Cornilleou 500M as it bears a thick surface and is durable in the outdoors. We get to see outdoor tables play so well, but the 500M has carved a niche for itself as the pro-choice outdoor table.

It has many great features, and owners recommend the ping pong table as a great asset, which has raked in reviews both for its quality and the quality of the customer support service served by Cornilleau.

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