Table Tennis World Rankings (ITTF) in April 2023

Do you know that the ITTF table tennis ranking is based on the sum of just eight best results of a player during the last 12 months? From this article, you can learn about the current table tennis world rankings according to International Table Tennis Federation including both men and women champions. Updated on April 1, 2023, this chart represents up-to-date information on today’s situation in table tennis champion ratings.

Top 10 Men’s Table Tennis Players

Below you can find the in-depth information on men’s table tennis rankings according to ITTF. The chart contains the latest data and also includes points of each player. Keep reading to learn more about the prominent men’s names in the world of table tennis.

Top 10 Women’s Table Tennis Players

Nowadays there are also a lot of women who take leading positions in the world of table tennis so it is impossible to imagine the rankings without female representatives. If you are interested who is currently taking the highest rankings in table tennis among women, look below to find out these names.