Can Akkuzu

World ranking
Age 27 years
Style The Aggressor
Grip Shakehand
Can Akkuzu
World ranking
Age 27 years
Style The Aggressor
Grip Shakehand

Can Akkuzu is a young French Native and ping pong player who made quite a name for himself in the youth Circuit before going pro. His senior career has also seen him gain some success in the sport, including being his country's national champion. So, what else is there to know about the Frenchman? Keep reading to find out.

Quick Facts

Date of Birth
23 May 1997
Place of Birth
Hagenau, France


Can Akkuzu was born on 23rd May 1997, and in his childhood, he tried many different sports before settling on ping pong. According to him, he enjoyed the sport from the start, and having a good coach also made it easier to stick with it.

He started playing in the youth circuit early and had some successes along the way. Examples include winning a Europe Top 10 Youth Championship and coming in second place at the under-21 Hungarian and Polish Opens.

His early senior career also saw him get plenty of silver and bronze medals, but he would have to wait until 2019 to win his first gold at the French National Championship. To top it off, he participated in the 2020 Olympics in the team event, with France coming in 5th.

Social Media

Can Akkuzu has Facebook and Twitter accounts, but they've hardly been active for the past few years.


Regarding his career, Can Akkuzu started making waves in the table tennis world in 2013 when he got a silver at the Finland Open. In the same year, he appeared for the first time in the World Table Tennis rankings, although he ranked well below the top 1000 players.

March 2011 saw him jump from position 1095 the previous month to 992. While he did continue climbing up the rankings slowly, he went through a fairly long medal drought, eventually winning another at the club championship level in 2017. At the time, his team, TTC Fortuna Passau, came in third in Germany's 2nd Bundesliga.

He had also previously played for the French outfit SPO Rouen.

After his stint in Germany's 2nd Bundesliga, he transferred back to France in a move to the club "AS de Pontoise-Cergy TT." Here, his team came in third in the French top-flight division.

By 2021, he had moved back to his old club, SPO Rouen, where his team again came in third in the French top flight.

On the International Circuit, 2018 was a good year for him. He got the bronze in the Croatia Open and was third in the French National Championship. 2019 was even better as he clinched top honors at the French National Championship in the singles division, and excluding his bronze at the club level, he got two other medals.

One was a singles silver from the Canada Open, while the other was a doubles bronze from the same event.

In 2022 Akkuzu also got a WTT Feeder Düsseldorf bronze medal.

Playing Style

Can Akkuzu holds his paddle with a right-handed shakehand grip, and he'll often default to his backhand when returning serves. He also isn't shy of using power and topspin to try and overwhelm opponents.

His playstyle also involves a lot of movement and footwork around the table.

He'll usually serve from the middle on his end, with the occasional serve from the ends. This kind of movement for anyone looking to emulate his style would be impossible without the right shoes. So if you'd like shoes that enable you to move freely around the table, you can check out our best table tennis shoes list for top-tier options.

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Here's a summary of Can Akkuzu's table tennis achievements.


  • 2013 Finland Open – Silver
  • 2018 Croatia Open – Bronze
  • 2018 Canada Open – Silver
  • 2018 French Championship – Bronze
  • 2019 French Championship - Gold
  • 2022 WTT Feeder Düsseldorf – Bronze

Men's doubles

  • 2019 Canada Open – Bronze


  • 2019 European Championship, Nantes - Bronze

Can Akkuzu's Ranking History

In January 2010, when he first appeared in the world rankings, he was ranked position 1560. By March of the following year, he had managed to claw his way up to position 992, entering the world's top 1000 for the first time in his career.

From here, Akkuzu progressed fairly slowly up the rankings again, and by the time he got a silver in the Finland Open in December 2013, he had managed to place 398th Worldwide.

It wasn't until 2018 that he broke into the top 100. After that, he seesawed between position 50 and 100 with a career-high 52nd place ranking in April 2023.

Can Akkuzu Equipment

Cornilleau TARGET PRO GT-H47
Cornilleau TARGET PRO GT-H47


Akkuzu Can vs Ishiy Vitor | WTT Star Contender Doha 2021 | MS | R64
Benedikt Duda vs Can Akkuzu | MS Semifinal | WTT Feeder Düsseldorf III 2022
Highlights | Can Akkuzu vs Kirill Gerassimenko | MS R16 | WTT Contender Nova Gorica 2022
Can A./Romain R. vs Khalid A./Salem A. | MD | WTT Contender Almaty 2022 (Qual)

Final Thoughts

While Can Akkuzu's table tennis career cannot be compared to the likes of Ma Long and Timo Boll, he can still be considered one of the world's elite players. After all, winning the French National Championships gold is no small feat. He has other silver and bronze medals as well.

Furthermore, he has played at the top club levels in both Germany and France.