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Sportspeople have the ability to be highly influential and inspirational. What does the life of Chen Meng, table tennis player, tell you?
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There is more to what meets the eye when it comes to professional sportsmen and women. You may know them on the field, track, court, or in the arena or swimming pool, but there is more to them than their talent. They are unique individuals after all, with other facets to their lives!

This is the same for both famous and lesser-known athletes. They are just as good at what they do, but they may not get the same exposure as athletes who become household names across the globe. Chen Meng is one of these superstars you should know more about. She is one of the most decorated female table tennis players in the world currently. Read on as we get to know more about the prolific ping-pong player, Chen Meng.


Chen Meng Biography

For Cheng Meng Olympics 2020, the most recent edition that was held in 2021, was also a huge success.

Chen Meng is a Chinese table tennis player who was born in Qingdao on January 15, 1994. She started playing table tennis competitively when she was only 9 years old, before representing her country for the first time at age 13. When she was 17 years old, she won four gold medals at the World Junior Table Tennis Championships in the girls’ singles, doubles, mixed doubles, and teams categories. Currently, Chen Meng is ranked 2nd in the world and holds accomplished accolades, such as:

  • Women’s singles World Championships 2019 silver medalist
  • Summer Olympics 2020 singles gold medalist
  • ITTF Women’s World Cup 2020 champion
  • ITTF World Tour Grand Finals titles in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
  • World Table Tennis Championships 2021 women’s singles bronze medalist
  • WTT Grand Smash champion in 2022
  • ITTF World Team Championships 2022 gold medallist

Table tennis aside, interestingly, Chen Meng and famous Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming, are paternal cousins!

Game Style

Chen Meng Game Style

She generally plays defensive counter-attacks where she’ll wait for her opponents to make the first moves before responding in a more passive but effective way.

Chen Meng plays right-handed with a shake-hand grip on her paddle. She has relatively strong defensive techniques. Her style and approach to games are to play a series of defensive counter-attacks before playing a surge of late attacks. Her shorter frame of 1.66m doesn’t undermine her strengtht Trusted Source Welcome to Healthline Fitness: A Letter from the Editor Fitness isn’t about what you can lose. It’s about what you can gain. . She is renowned for astute playing and much of her play is focused on the strength of her shots and returns. For Chen Meng table tennis revolves around her defensive tactics. This may be why she is not known to proactively attack her opponents.

Teachers and Influences

Chen Meng’s number one influencer and idol growing up Trusted Source The story of Chen Meng, the genius girl of Nv Ping and Huang Xiaoming's cousin, a controversial Olympic journey Chen Meng was born in Qingdao, Shandong Province in 1994. Her mother, Pang Min, is a veteran and once won the Qingdao City Army Table Tennis Championship. was her mother, Pang Min. This lady is a veteran of the sport and previously won the Qingdao City Army Table Tennis Championships. It was under her guidance and influence that Chen Meng developed a passion and drive for the sport. Pang Min nurtured her daughter’s talents by serving as her playing partner and motivator. She was particularly hard on Chen Meng during their sessions, but this enabled her to improve and grow rapidly.

Wu Naichan, a famous coach in Qingdao, was Chen Meng’s first competitive mentor after she’d adopted the sport seriously. With Wu Naichan’s precise coaching techniques, Chen Meng gradually grew as a ping pong player, despite her height disadvantage being obvious from a young age. By the time she was 10 years old, she had started her journey to stardom, thanks to these teachers and role models.

Advice for Aspiring Players

According to Meng Chen, it is important for aspiring table tennis players to get into positive habits and develop doable routines. She firstly suggests you get up early in the mornings, usually at the same times each day of the week, in order to build a routine, before starting your daily grind. This would be the first step towards enhancing self-discipline.

She also suggests that you draw up a training plan in advance so that you can have an exact idea of where and how you’ll do your workouts. Chen Meng doesn’t rely on luck or fortune to overcome obstacles and solve problems. In terms of training, she focuses on four categories, namely stamina, power, strength, and coordination. Having a set and planned schedule, according to her, would help you to stay on track and get the most out of your everyday commitments.

Chen Meng Her Favorite Equipment

The paddle is constructed with carbon layers at a 45° angle, which provides great flexibility and increased stiffness and grip.

During her games, Chen Meng’s preferred table tennis paddle Trusted Source Match results. is the Carbonado 45 make, which has a medium-level hardness. Its performance attributes include excellent spin and control with a refined wooden feel. Chen Meng’s paddle consists of the Tenergy 64 rubber, which is a bit softer and has solid speed and control qualities. This rubber type is the fastest attacking rubber in its category.

Her Workout Plan

Chen Meng incorporates a mix of cardio and strength workouts, but she places more focus on the latter. She prefers to use free weights in strength training to enhance her flexibility and mobility. She uses a medicine ball to strengthen her core and she performs lunges for improved stability and balance. Since table tennis requires special focus on body posture Trusted Source Shoppers say you can feel the difference in your posture the first time you put it on. , Chen Meng pays extra attention to her legs and footwork during her workouts and warm-ups.

With this in mind, she emphasizes leg and core stability, for which she frequently does deadlifts, plyometrics – workouts that involve repeated stretching – and planking. Table tennis also requires you to squat a lot while moving from side to side continuously, which can be a burden on your upper legs. For this reason, she also targets workouts that sustain your quadriceps. Additionally, Chen Meng focuses a lot on arm and shoulder strength because your arms need to always be ready when playing ping pong. A technique she enjoys using in this regard is to have a trainer throw a medicine ball at her from all sides before throwing them back.

Final thoughts

Personalities like Chen Meng are an inspiration, not only to table tennis players but to anyone wanting to reach any goal. Through commitment, hard work, and patience, she’s proven you can make a success and reach what you aspire to be. It doesn’t matter how big or small your goals are, you can achieve what you put your mind to. These lessons can be applied to any facet of your life. It is never too late to chase your dreams and achieve your purpose in life!


Welcome to Healthline Fitness: A Letter from the Editor
Fitness isn’t about what you can lose. It’s about what you can gain.
The story of Chen Meng, the genius girl of Nv Ping and Huang Xiaoming's cousin, a controversial Olympic journey
Chen Meng was born in Qingdao, Shandong Province in 1994. Her mother, Pang Min, is a veteran and once won the Qingdao City Army Table Tennis Championship.
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