Lin Shidong

World ranking
Age 19 years
Style The Aggressor
Grip Shakehand
Lin Shidong
World ranking
Age 19 years
Style The Aggressor
Grip Shakehand

Lin Shidong is a young talented table tennis player from China. He was born on 18th April 2005 and is one of the world’s most promising table tennis talents. Lin Shidong has wowed many individuals with his immense talent, and many people have tagged him as a future world champion.

Although Lin Shidong is very young compared to many high-ranking table tennis players, he still has many reputable achievements. He has participated in many local and international tournaments, earning the respect and love of many people in China. Lin Shidong is one of the world’s best junior table tennis players.

Lin Shidong has a very positive attitude to training, and his constant dedication makes him appreciated by many. He spends many hours daily training and polishing his skills so that he can get better. Only a few young athletes have a positive mindset toward training Lin Shidong. He is famous all around the world.

Quick Facts

The Little Fan Zhendong
Date of Birth
April 18, 2005
Place of Birth
Hainan, China
5 ft 6 in (168 cm)
Dominant Hand


Lin Shidong is a young and promising talent born on 18th April 2005. He started his table tennis career at a young age and is one of the top-rated junior players in the world. Despite his short career span, he has made a reputable name for himself and is recognized as a professional by many table tennis world rankers.

Like everyone on the world ranking list, Lin Shidong has challenged different players to reach where he is. Due to his unique playing pattern, he has often been compared to famous table tennis legends, including Ma Long and Fan Zhendong. Lin Shidong attained his first reputable win during the 2018 ITTF Junior Circuit Golden, Junior, and Cadet Open.

At the time, he was only thirteen years old. Lin Shidong has participated in multiple WTT matches and attained many wins. He has also contended with many professionals at the ITTF Youth Championships to come out on top. Lin Shidong is a very prevalent name in the table tennis world.

Many people have attached the nickname “Little Fan Zhendong” to Lin Shidong. This is because of their similar style of play. Fan Zhendong is a table tennis legend that is highly respected all over the world. Hence, the nickname carries a lot of weight and responsibility. You can learn more about this table tennis player in our detailed Fan Zhendong profile.

Lin Shidong represents his country, China, in various competitions all across the globe. He primarily plays with the junior team due to his age. However, he is still very skillful, even against senior members. He has a rare work ethic that many teammates and individuals appreciate.

Lin Shidong’s idol in the table tennis world is Fan Zhendong, known for his powerful backhand play. Hence, Lin Shidong also has incredible backhand play. He plays pretty fast and tends to stay close to the table. He is a little chubby, further amplifying his resemblance to Fan Zhendong.

Personal Life

Lin Shidong is a young and vibrant teenager with a chubby build. There is not much information about his private life available to the public. The player and his family prefer not to publicize information about his personal life.

Social Media

Lin Shidong does not have any known social media accounts.


Lin Shidong kicked off his table tennis career very early. At age thirteen, he already had his first ITTF award. This is a significant achievement, as only a few people have achieved this feat. Since then, he has competed against many prominent talents and won multiple tournaments.

Some of his recent awards include a bronze medal at the WTT Feeder Otocec and a gold medal at the WTT Feeder Budapest in 2022. In 2023, he won a bronze medal from the WTT Contender Doha, one gold medal from the WTT Contender Amman, one silver WTT Feeder Amman medal, and a silver medal from the WTT Star Contender Goa, all from the singles category.

Lin Shidong also has many professional doubles awards. He participated in the 2022 WTT Contender Muscat and claimed the gold medal. He also claimed the gold medal for the WTT Contender Durban and the WTT Feeder Amman. Apart from that, he also won two silver medals and one bronze.

Playing Style

Lin Shidong is a right-handed table tennis player focusing on attacking play. He is known for his shakehand grip, which helps him to dominate many of his opponents. Lin Shindong has an exciting playing style similar to that of famous table tennis star Fan Zhendong. Click here to learn more about Fan Zhendong.

Lin Shidong adopts a fast and powerful playing style that can be considered aggressive. He utilizes his powerful backhand to dominate the table and contend against many table tennis world rankers. Although his playing style is similar to Fan Zhendong, he still maintains his unique style.

In addition, Lin Shidong's backhand play also features the element of surprise. The fast and precise topspin usually carries a lot of power. This makes it difficult for opponents to react to the play in time.  Reacting quickly is difficult when the ball moves too fast and carries much power. His playing style is very efficient since it gets the job done on the table.

This unique playing style was not created overnight. Lin Shidong's playing style is adopted from Fan Zhendong. However, through countless practice sessions and training, Lin Shidong molded the playing style to his preference. With his superb playing style, he is one of the best in the world.


Lin Shidong is a young sportsman with some impressive achievements. Few young players can boldly say they have similar achievements to Lin Shidong. Lin Shidong’s ITTF world ranking is 19 as of March 2023. It is the highest ranking he has ever attained in his professional table tennis career.

Lin Shidong attained his first ITTF award in 2018 and has contended against many world-renowned table tennis stars. He also has multiple WTT Contender singles and doubles titles. In addition, Lin Shidong represents his country, China, at many international competitions or tournaments. He is a very talented Asian youth who still impacts the table tennis world.

WTT Star Contender Goa

  • 2023 WTT Contender: Men’s singles runner-up
  • 2023 Amman: Men’s singles winner
  • 2023 WTT Contender: Mixed doubles winner
  • 2023 WTT Feeder Amman: Men’s doubles winner
  • 2023 WTT Feeder Amman: Men’s singles runner up

WTT Feeder Doha

  • 2023 WTT Feeder Doha: Mixed doubles winner
  • 2023 WTT Feeder Doha: 3rd place in men’s doubles
  • 2023 Contender Doha: Mixed doubles winner
  • 2023 Contender Doha: 3rd place in men’s singles

ITTF World Youth Championships

  • 2021 Under 19 boy’s singles champion
  • 2022 Under 19 boy’s singles champion
  • 2022 Under 19 boy’s doubles champion
  • 2022 Under 19 mixed doubles champion
  • 2022 Under 19 boy’s team champion

Chinese National Junior Championships

  • 2020 Boy’s Singles champion
  • 2020 Chinese National Cadet Championships: Boy’s Singles champion

Lin Shidong’s Ranking

Lin Shidong has maintained his position in the top 25 for the past few years. He is one of the youngest people in the top twenty world rankings, and many believe he will still rise in rank.

Net Worth and Income

Lin Shidong's net worth is not yet known to the public. However, the young table tennis player earns a steady income from his club and country.

Lin Shidong Equipment

Butterfly Viscaria
Butterfly Dignics 09C
DHS Hurricane 3
Butterfly Viscaria
More More
Butterfly Dignics 09C
DHS Hurricane 3


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Ma Long vs Lin Shidong | MS R32 | Singapore Smash 2023

Final Thoughts

Lin Shidong is a young Chinese talent that was born in April 2005. He started playing table tennis at a young age and won his first meaningful award in his early teens. Since his debut in the table tennis world rankings, Lin Shidong has rapidly climbed to the top by challenging various rankers. He has participated in many ITTF Contender matches and has substantial wins. Furthermore, Lin Shidong has multiple ITTF Youth Championship gold medals. There are not many young players with as many gold medals. He is a table tennis talent many expect to be a world champion.