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Who is Sun Yingsha? Read our in-depth article to find out everything you need to know about the 2022 world champion women’s singles tennis table player!
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Table tennis, originally known as ping-pong, has been around since 1890 as a game adapted for indoor playing during the winter months in England. Since 1988, the game has been a recognized Olympic sport, with players worldwide being acclaimed for their playing skills. A highly competitive sport, the game has its fair share of stars, especially in Asia and Europe. At the age of 21 years old, Chinese table tennis player Sun Yingsha currently holds the world’s number 1 ranking in women’s singles events. Having reached the peak of her game in 2022, Sun Yingsha has become an inspiring role model for many players. Who is Sun Yingsha, and what makes her a winner? Keep reading to find out!


Sun Yingsha Biography

She was placed in the second Chinese national team at the age of 15, making it into the first women’s team two years later.

Born on November 4th, 2000, in Shijiazhuang, China, Sun Yingsha won her first singles title at the Asian Championships in Mumbai at the age of 13 years old. Sun became a top tennis player when she won the 2017 World Junior Championships. The same year, she won her first senior tournament in the Japan Open. Her winning streak continued as she held onto her record the following year when she won the 2018 Youth Olympic Games. At the same time, this accomplished table tennis player held seven doubles titles. There was no doubt that Sun Yingsha was becoming a name to reckon with in this sport! In 2019, Sun won the doubles event at the World Championships held in Budapest. Participating in the 2020 Olympic Games hosted in Tokyo, Sun was the silver medallist in the singles event. In 2022, the world watched this table tennis player become champion of the Singapore Smash 2022 in the women’s and mixed doubles while winning a bronze medal in the singles event. From February 2022, Sun holds the number 1 world ranking for women’s singles.

Game Style

Nicknamed the Little Demon King, Salsa, and Shitoka in the World, Sun Yingsha is a right-handed player with a shakehand grip. Using the oldest grip style in the game, Sun clearly demonstrates her power when playing table tennis against her competitors. The shakehand grip is popular among European players as well. Sun values learning from high-level competitors, referring to players such as Japan’s rising teenage star, Mima Ito. Through such interactions with rivals, Sun Yingsha has been able to sharpen her technical skills, which is essential for staying in the top rankings.

Her game style has matured, and her ability to focus intensely is demonstrated in her current competitions. Sun willingly takes on mental challenges while being open to taking advice from her coaches when improving her playing style. She’s noted for her resiliency, composition, and eagerness to win against the strongest opponent. Defeating Chen Meng in the WTT Cup Finals Trusted Source Sun Yingsha defeats Chen Meng in WTT Cup Finals 'Chinese derby' to win women's singles title Sun Yingsha of China defeated her compatriot Chen Meng 4-3 in the women’s singles final match to win the title at the World Table Tennis (WTT) Cup Finals in Xinxiang, central China’s Henan Province, on Sunday. in October 2022 was a clear example of Sun’s game style, demonstrating her powerful forehand hit to win the championship trophy. Determined to lead Team China through many more victories, Sun Yingsha continues to hone her game style while being a reliable player on the country’s team.

Teachers and Influences

Encouraged by her parents to play table tennis from the age of four for health reasons, Sun Yingsha grew into the game of ping-pong to become a strong player. Growing up, Sun admits to being influenced by great table tennis stars such as Ning-Jie (Zhang Yining), who was nicknamed the “Big Devil.” Sun watches videos of Zhang’s games over and over again to sharpen her own playing style. Other influencers include Zhang Jike, Li Xiaoxia, and Ma Long. Teachers such as the head coach, Li Sun, of China’s national women’s team and Huang Haicheng have been linked to Sun’s rising achievements in the game of ping-pong.

Advice for Aspiring Players

Despite only being 22 years old, Sun Yingsha takes her role model status seriously, inspiring young table tennis players not to give up when the game gets challenging. She offers the same encouragement to her peers by acknowledging their expectations while having an understanding of their own challenges that are similar to hers. Hearing other youngsters identify her as their idol makes Sun feel responsible for her role as an influencer. She motivates other aspiring players to persevere if they’re passionate about the table tennis game. Sun urges junior players not to let setbacks keep them from achieving their ultimate goals.

While defeats can put you in a bad mood, Sun Yingsha tells aspiring table tennis players not to let a loss affect them. In her own words, Sun says, “I try to not let one defeat or any small things influence or affect me, or make me think I’m incapable of achieving things.” Trusting yourself is key to becoming a winner, she continues to tell youngsters inspired by her.

Her Favorite Equipment

Sun Yingsha’s favorite equipment set isn’t complete without DHS W968, Hurricane 3 Neo National Blue Sponge, and Hurricane 3 Neo National Orang Sponge. Both the double-faced Hurricane and the excellent control and rotation of W968 have won many championships for Sun and other champions such as Ma Long. Sun Yingsha was seen playing the 2021 Chinese National Games using a custom DHS blade. Also known as Double Happiness, DHS has been manufacturing table tennis equipment such as tables, bats, rubbers, and blades from their Shanghai, China factory since 1959. The brand also produces accessories for the game.

DHS has been the table supplier for many Olympic games over the years and still ranks as the biggest manufacturer of ping-pong equipment in the world today. Its table tennis products rank high for many professional and amateur players. However, it’s worth noting that some of the best ping pong tables are manufactured by other brands in the industry. Wearing the best table tennis shoes is something every ping pong player considers and this is no different for champions such as Sun Yingsha. Li Ning professional ping pong sneakers are a sponsored edition for the world champion. Aspiring players wanting to master Sun Yingsha’s game style are motivated to use the same equipment as their champion. However, exploring some of the best ping pong paddles on the market may help you find your own favorite blade for any style of play!

Final Thoughts

Sun Yingsha Olympics aspirations were met in the 2020 Tokyo games. Two years later, this accomplished table tennis player continues to Chen Meng in the WTT Cup Finals Trusted Source SUN Yingsha World Table Tennis Ranking.  above other great players such as Chen Meng and Wang Manyu.  With her powerful right-hand attack playing style and use of the two-sided Hurricane 3 Neo paddle, Sun exhibits championship material.  Shouldering the responsibilities of China’s women’s national team, Sun Yingsha has grown into her reputation as a strong opponent. While once a novelty, the same can’t be said in 2022 as Sun Yingsha continues to win both singles and doubles events. For table tennis fans, Sun continues to inspire with her invincible game style!


Sun Yingsha defeats Chen Meng in WTT Cup Finals 'Chinese derby' to win women's singles title
Sun Yingsha of China defeated her compatriot Chen Meng 4-3 in the women’s singles final match to win the title at the World Table Tennis (WTT) Cup Finals in Xinxiang, central China’s Henan Province, on Sunday.
SUN Yingsha
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