7 Best Table Tennis Net Systems for Professional and Amateur Tournaments

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Can you imagine ping pong games not being fun because the net you purchased wasn’t good enough? You could also be violating ping-pong rules by having a net that doesn’t work as it is supposed to.

Luckily, we did the job for you! Having considered 30 net systems, we came up with the reviews of the seven best table tennis nets and the Comesee Kioos CS-101 collapsible table tennis net became our top pick. When purchasing a ping-pong net, pay close attention to the attachment system and how it copes with different table designs and sizes. Also, remember that net length may vary depending on the table you are using. However, the standard net height is fixed at about 6”. Also, go for a net that is made from high-quality materials like nylon and fiberglass.

Top 7 Table Tennis Net Systems Review 2024

  • Attachment system: collapsible spring clip
  • Net height: 6”
  • Length: 72”
  • Materials: nylon cotton + metal

Other features: fits 60” wide tables with up to 1.5″ table thickness, 12-months warranty

The Comesee Kioos CS-101 Collapsible Table Tennis Net is an option you should consider, whether for tournament events or recreational play. It is made for regulation-size tables. As such, if you have a standard 60” wide table, you should be able to work with it despite the overall length of the product being 72 inches.

Notably, if you have a ping pong table that is thicker than 1.5”, you shouldn’t purchase this net. The 1.5” limit is as wide as the collapsible spring clip will go. Also, the heavy-duty steel post is something to write home about.

Once you have set up the net on the table, you can go ahead to adjust the tension. The net’s placement needs to be as taut as possible for it to reach the 6” height required. A height measuring tool to ensure the appropriate net placement is also provided.

The manufacturer also uses a nylon and cotton blend to make the net. The nylon component enhances durability. Also, Comesee Kioos CS-101 buyers get a warranty that is valid for 12 months.

Why are we impressed? Durability is not lacking with the metal and nylon cotton components used. Further, it fits standard ping pong tables, and a warranty is provided.

What negatives must you be aware of? A few users have been unable to figure out how to set up the net, which leads to problems playing.

  • Attachment system: spring-activated clip
  • Net height: 6”
  • Length: 72”
  • Materials: premium cotton blend, steel

Other features: fits 60” wide tables with up to 1.5″ table thickness, adjustable net height, and net tensioning system

Notably, the JOOLA Snapper 31013 Professional Table Tennis Net also uses a spring clip. Additionally, if set up the right way, the net should achieve a height of 6 inches. Like the Comesee Kioos CS-101 Collapsible Table Tennis Net, this option’s total length stands at 72 inches. However, the product still only fits standard 60” tables.

The net features a ball and chain on both ends of the item. These components are attached to the steel posts provided and can be used to ensure optimum net tension.

Additionally, your table needs to have a maximum of 1.5” thickness for this net to fit. As for the net material, the manufacturer uses premium cotton to make the product.

Once the spring clip has been attached to the end of the table, you will also note a screw below the post. This is there for adjusting net height if needed.

Finally, if you are traveling for a tournament or friendly games, you don’t need to leave your net behind. You can put it in the zipper storage case provided and carry it to your destination.

Why is it special? Having a zipper case makes the net easier to carry around. Also, set up seems like a walk in the park for most people. Users can as well make adjustments to the height and tension of the net after attaching the clips. Finally, the net fits most standard ping pong tables.

What are the flaws? Pricing is not very friendly compared to the rest of the list.

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DHS Table Tennis Net & Post Set #P104Best Screw-On Table Tennis Net

  • Attachment system: screw-on
  • Net height: 6”
  • Length: 72”
  • Materials: cotton, heavy-duty metal

Other features: fitted for international competitions, tension and net height adjustment available

Another option that works for both hobbyists and professional ping pong players is the DHS Table Tennis Net & Post Set #P104. The net features a total length of 72” in its cotton plus metal body. As such, it is likely to fit standard 60”-width tables without any problems.

Adjustments to the net’s tension and height are also possible. Worth your attention is the use of a screw-on attachment system in this purchase. Some people find this more reliable than spring-activated clips. As such, there is no shortage of buyers for this net.

Also, a net height gauge is part of the package. With this, you can ensure the net is fitted perfectly on the table before you begin your game.

What makes it stand out? This is another net that can be used in all competitions, whether international or otherwise. Additionally, the attachment system ranks high, where reliability is concerned. The heavy-duty metal components are quite reliable when holding the net up as well. Finally, a net height gauge does ensure everything is up to standard before a game begins.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? The net is heavy, hence can be challenging to carry.


STIGA Premium Table Tennis Net and Post Set Best Table Tennis Net for Thin Tables

  • Attachment system: spring-activated clip
  • Net height: 6”
  • Length: 72”
  • Materials: cotton, steel

Other features: fits regulation-size tables with up to 1” table thickness, precise tension adjustment, regulation measuring tool included

Next, we have the STIGA Premium Table Tennis Net and Post Set, which is a good fit for regulation-size tables. There is, however, a catch. You can only attach this net to tables that have a maximum thickness of 1”.

A spring-activated clip is what holds this purchase up on the ping pong table. Since steel is the main construction component for the clip and the posts, you can rest easy knowing it won’t break.

Also, the net is made of cotton. Some users will prefer this material since it stretches. Consequently, when the product is attached to the table, the net will be taut, allowing it to reach the 6” expected height.

Precise tension adjustment is also provided for in this net. Finally, finishing the set up may include using the regulation measuring tool to ensure the optimal net height is reached.

What do we love it for? We liked the durable post and clip construction. Also, the purchase allows for tension adjustments that work well with the stretchable fabric used. The regulation measuring tool is a valuable asset for ping pong games.

What were we disappointed with? This net is unusable on nets that are more than 1” thick.

  • Attachment system: screw-on clamp
  • Net height: 6”
  • Length: 72”
  • Materials: not specified

Other features: lightweight design, fit on tables up to 60″ wide and 1.5″ thick

If you are a fan of the JOOLA brand but didn’t like the premium pick, you can choose the JOOLA Club Competition Table Tennis Net and Post Set instead. The construction materials may not be specified for the net; however, it is undoubtedly lightweight. This makes carrying the ping pong net around a piece of cake.

If your table is 60” wide, this net will work for you. Also, the thickness of your table shouldn’t be more than 1.5”.

With the conditions mentioned above satisfied, all that is left is to fasten the net onto the table. For this, you will use the screw-on clamp to ensure the net is attached and stable on the table.

Finally, international table tennis rules have been adhered to in the net’s height and length.

What makes it stand out? We liked that the product is lightweight. The length and height are also compliant with ITTF regulations.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? The durability of this ping pong net is questionable. No instructions for net setup have been provided.

  • Attachment system: screw-on clamp
  • Net height: 6”
  • Length: 72”
  • Materials: cotton, metal

Other features: non-slip and anti-scratch design, 1.5” table thickness, fits standard 60” table

The Sanung S205 Portable Table Tennis Ball Net Support is another impressive table tennis net on our list. Like the JOOLA Club Competition Table Tennis Net and Post Set, it uses a screw-on clamp for added stability on a table.

Some benefits of the included clamp are that it doesn’t slip or scratch ping pong tables. Consequently, the tables get to maintain their aesthetics, and the net stays in place for the duration of the full game.

The cotton part of the net is also praiseworthy. It is durable and elastic enough for that tight fit when attached to the table. Length and net height are also up to the highest table tennis standards.

What stands out? we liked the screw-on system that features an anti-scratch design for the protection of the table. The anti-slip design also helps keep the net stable during games.

What cons did we manage to find? No table attachment instructions have been provided.

  • Attachment system: clamp
  • Net height: 6”
  • Length: up to 6 ft
  • Materials: plastic

Other features: retractable, weatherproof, fits tables up to 2” thick

If you have thicker ping pong tables, you might want to get the Hipiwe Retractable Table Tennis Net Replacement. It may not impress some of you due to its plastic construction. However, it is the only option listed to allow for the attachment of 2” thick tables.

Notably, the pricing is also affordable. The purchase is available in five colors and is easy to set up. Users just clamp down the post on one side of the table. This is followed by pulling the net across the table. Lastly, you clamp down the post on the other end of the table.

Finally, despite using plastic as the primary construction material, the net is weatherproof.

Why did it make our list? We liked the affordability of the net. Additionally, it impressed us by how easy it was to setup. The color options are not bad, and finally, we loved that it is weatherproof for outdoor gaming.

What is not ideal about it? Plastic construction is not very impressive. Also, the springs in the clamps tend to deteriorate rather quickly.

Things to Consider

Getting the perfect table tennis net to play professionally and as a hobby is no walk in the park. There are too many net options that look good but disappoint buyers. If you are not guided on how to purchase these nets, you may end up with one of the disappointing options. However, this guide is here for you and will help you avoid such an outcome.

About table tennis net system

Table Tennis Net Systems AboutThe table tennis net system incorporates both the net and the posts that hold it taut while you play. With a net that is well-fitted and up to international playing standards, you can perfect the game. However, saggy nets or those that don’t fit your table can frustrate you.

Of course, the net’s job is to divide the table into two equal parts for you and your opponent. This helps both of you adhere to table tennis rules in your gameplay. Both players can determine how best to use their paddles, so the ball lands on the opposite side of the net. An ill-positioned net would make this hard to do.

Additionally, there are three main types of nets, which include clamping, clip-on, and retractable options, all of which have found a place on the list above.

How to choose the best table tennis net and posts set

The nets mentioned above also come with posts. However, in some cases, it is possible just to buy a net if the posts from your last purchase are still in perfect working condition. With that said, choosing a table tennis net and post set shouldn’t be too hard, especially if you take the guidelines below seriously.

Table size and thickness

The standard table size for ping pong is about 60 inches. However, there are mini tables as well, and for these, there is no standard. They tend to be about ¾ of the size of regulation size tables.

That being said, most of you aren’t going to be using mini ping pong tables. Consequently, you need to be sure your net runs the full width of the table.

As you will have noted from the list above, most nets will have a length of about 72”. This caters even to the distance left between the post and the table. Thickness is an area where tables vary. Some will be less than 1” thick while others can even feature 2” thickness with the example of the Hipiwe Retractable Table Tennis Net Replacement.

Most options fall smack in the middle of the two extremes mentioned above, and hence attachment systems that cater to a 1.5” maximum thickness are quite common. You can find out the thickness of your table beforehand in a bid to ensure your purchase’s attachment system will be a good fit.

Attachment system of the net

There are two main attachment systems that you can get in your net purchase. The first is a clamp or screw-on system, while the other is a clip-on option. In professional settings, the former is preferred since it is often more stable. However, attaching them to the table takes more time.

Clip-on nets are easy to attach and barely take any time. However, these attachment systems are not as stable as the competition. That being said, they hold their own quite well in situations where they don’t receive a lot of use. An example of a clip-on net system is the Comesee Kioos CS-101 Collapsible Table Tennis Net.

Conversely, the DHS Table Tennis Net & Post Set #P104 shows how a clamp attachment system would look.


Additionally, a net that isn’t stable is going to be a problem during games. As such, the buyer needs to ensure it can clasp firmly onto the edge of the table for added stability. After all, you don’t want to pause mid-game so you can re-fasten the net as that will disrupt the flow.

Tension and height adjustment

Table Tennis Net Systems Tension and height adjustmentRemember that according to the international table tennis federation, the net height should be 15.25cm above the table while you are playing. Just fastening the net to the posts on the side of the table may not be enough to achieve this. However, if you have tension and height adjustment in your purchase, you can make the necessary changes. As such, nets like the JOOLA Snapper 31013 Professional Table Tennis Net that have an easy-to-use tension and height adjustment system can be a steal.

Other features

Extra features in a table tennis net can also be welcome. Some of them include being weatherproof for outdoor gaming or the net being retractable for easier storage. Accessories like a carry bag may also count. If you find other features that benefit you, add them to the criteria that help you decide if a net is for you or not.


The top of the ping pong net should be exactly 15.25cm above the surface of the table. If you can accomplish this while simultaneously keeping the bottom of the net as close to the table as possible, you will have achieved the right level of tightness.

Basic rules for table tennis start with the service and are listed below.

Service rules:

  1. When serving, the ball should be placed on an open palm.
  2. Throw the ball vertically at least 16cm before the serve.
  3. Throughout the service, the ball should both be above and behind the table.
  4. After tossing the ball vertically, remove your free hand as this will allow the receiver to see its trajectory easily.

General rules:

  1. Each player gets two consecutive serves.
  2. You win by getting 11 points, although if you both get a score of 10-10, a deuce is called. You will thus need to score two clear points to win.
  3. Players are required to change sides after each game.

Players lose points if:

  1. They miss the service.
  2. They don’t return the serve.
  3. They hit a shot into the net.
  4. Their shot goes off the table without falling on the opponent’s side of the court.
  5. They touch the table or net during the game with the free hand.

Our Verdict

The Comesee Kioos CS-101 Collapsible Table Tennis Net remains our favorite pick. It is easy to attach to tables. Additionally, the material used on the net is relatively durable. Finally, the warranty helps elevate its standing.

Another good option is the JOOLA Snapper 31013 Professional Table Tennis Net which might be too pricey for some. However, construction is top-notch. Additionally, the height and tension adjustment systems are also impressive.

Also, opting for the DHS Table Tennis Net & Post Set #P104 is not bad. Most tournaments will use nets with a clamp or screw-on attachment system, which is the same thing you get on this device. A net height gauge may also help keep playing standards high.

Do note that our knowledge on table tennis nets, while extensive, is not absolute. You thus may know of a few other good options, and you can tell us about them in the comments section.


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