How to Open a Kettler Ping Pong Table: Step-by-Step Guide

After reading this article, you will know how to open a folded Kettler ping-pong table and have an idea of how to assemble it.
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Table tennis is a global sport and is largely treated as such. Its popularity is enhanced by the fact that it is also an indoor sport, and the ease with which it can be played (even in improvised settings) has made it popular in the less developed parts of the world.

However, professional table tennis is anything but improvised. It has to be played on a table that meets certain specifications Trusted Source Different Table Tennis Table Dimensions - Sports Websites Different tables being categorized into full-sized, midsize, mini or compact tables, and conversion top. and with other equipment required to meet specifications. If a Kettler table were to be used, the knowledge of how to open a Kettler ping-pong table would be crucial.

Assembling the table could also be complicated as well and most people, lacking in the needed craftsmanship, prefer to hire professionals rather than go through the hassle. However, after assembly and storage, the table would still need to be opened for use, and here is how to go about it.

What is special about Kettler

What is special about Kettler

This ping pong table is waterproof, has removable soft-touch edge protectors that protect the top during transportation and the player during the game, and easy to use, single-hand locking mechanism.

The specifications of the playing table are one of the little differences between the official games of table tennis and ping-pong. However, both games are often mistaken for each other, and the maker of one of the best ping-pong/table tennis tables around is Kettler.

What makes the Kettler brand so special is the period they’ve been around to perfect their furniture making. This has translated into an ability to make very durable ping-pong tables. In fact, they are widely accepted as one o the pioneers in the design and construction of weather-resistant tables.

Opening a Kettler Ping-pong table: Step-by-Step

Opening a Kettler Ping-pong table Step-by-Step

When ready to unpack and to remove the contents from the carton, turn the carton 90 degrees from its upright position.

When within its carton, the packaged Kettler table tennis table consists of the two halves of the table, wheel packs, the center supports for the cross braces, cross braces for the legs of the table, non-locking braces, and locking side braces.

Each of the wheels packs further contains non-locking wheel pivots, locking wheel pivots, wheel locks, a wheel for locking casters, and a wheel for non-locking casters. There would also be hardware packs within the carton consisting of nuts, bolts, screws, caps, nylon spacers, nylon washers, cross brace inserts, the net, tension hooks, and adjustment knobs.

Tools you’ll need

Opening an already assembled but folded Kettler table is quite straightforward, however, opening and assembling the table from its carton is a lot more complicated. Thankfully, the tools to help in the assembling of the table usually accompany the packaged purchase and include:

  1. Phillips head screwdriver
  2. 10mm wrench
  3. 13mm wrench
  4. 8mm wrench
  5. 10mm wrench with a rod, and
  6. 13mm wrench with rod

Note that no special instrument or tool is required to open a folded table that has been assembled already. This can be simply done by hand.



With one person pushing on the contents from one side, have another person pull from the opposite side until contents are removed from the carton.

The assembly of the table can be quite complicated to pull off without the aid of a more visual description. Such a guide containing both labeled parts of the table and diagram-assisted steps to assemble them Trusted Source Table Tennis Table - Kettler canada Table Tennis Table – Assembling instruction. could be accessed.

The assembly guide above could be utilized for all Kettler tables, including the KETTLER Outdoor 4 that is suitable for use outdoors. If you search for a quality racket to go with your ping-pong table, this JOOLA Infinity Edge Racket comes well recommended by many reviews.

The following rough guide could also help the more handy people among you understand how to go about the process:

  1. Assemble the center support first
  • Slide the two-wheel locks onto the two locking wheel pivots, intersect the holes and use one pin to hold each of these in place
  • Prepare the T-shaped center supports by attaching the swivels for the non-locking wheels
  • Attach the wheels to the prepared T-shaped center supports and bolt them in place accordingly
  • Slide the adapters for the net onto the top of the T-shaped center supports and slide the net post into the adapters
  • Fix the center pivots onto the sides of the T-shaped supports that is opposite to the net post and bolt it tight
  1. Assemble the center chassis support
  • Place the black brace inserts into the bottom of the T-shaped center supports and fix the center support cross brace into the openings in both brace inserts.
  • Bolt the inserts tight using bolts and washers
  • Slide the locking side brace and the non-locking side brace onto the ends of the cross brace, with both bent sides facing the same direction
  1. Fix the table into the notch between the center support and arms of the center pivots and bolt it tight.
  1. Attach the cross braces that would support the end legs of the table and fix the legs onto these braces.
  2. Install the net (using the tension rod hooks and tension adjustment tabs) onto the net post.
Install the net

The net, with its suspension, along its whole length, shall be 15.25 cm. (6 in.) above the playing surface.

To open the folded ping-pong table, you would only need to clamp down on or apply pressure to the red latch on the center pivot. The left latch should be unlocked first by applying pressure to the upper tab. After this, you can go over to the other side and press the bottom of the right latch while pulling the relevant side of the table slowly outward or toward you. The center pivots are usually resting against the sides of the folded table.

Final thoughts

Whether to be used as a table for ping-pong practice or used at an amateur tournament, Kettler ping-pong tables have been proven to be of quality, hence, their popularity among players. However, to assess the quality of this table, the obstacle of assembling it would have to be overcome.

You can just hire someone to do this, or you can get your hands dirty and prove yourself once more to be the handyman that gets the little things done. We have attempted to simplify the process of assembling the table as well as explaining how to open a Kettler ping-pong table.

Our sincere hope that you were able to open and assemble the table from this little guide we have provided. If not, we wish you luck as you continue on your ping-pong journey and happy playing.


Different Table Tennis Table Dimensions - Sports Websites
Different tables being categorized into full-sized, midsize, mini or compact tables, and conversion top.
Table Tennis Table - Kettler canada
Table Tennis Table – Assembling instruction.
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