Kanak Jha – Ping Pong Player Profile

The detailed information about a world-famous Indian-American tennis player, Kanak Jha - his biography, career achievements, playing style, and more. Read on to find out.
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Kanak Jha is one of the most promising young ping-pong players. Being from the US, Kanak is an interesting talent as the US is not popular for ping pong. He is the best-ranked US ping pong player in the world, and the second-best player after him is ranked 168th.

Kanak has accomplished great things in his career since he started competing in international tournaments. This article delves deeper into the young ping-pong giant’s profile, equipment, world ranking, and great achievements. Keep reading to know Kanak Jha’s net worth, ranking, equipment, and performance in the Olympics.


Kanak Jha - Ping Pong Player Profile

Kanak Jha is an American table tennis player of Indian descent.

According to Wikipedia Trusted Source Kanak Jha - Wikipedia All the necessary information about the table tennis player. en.wikipedia.org , Kanak Jha was born on June 19, 2000. The 22-year-old plays ping pong for the USA men’s national team. He started playing at the tender age of 5, and it was his parents who first introduced him to the game. He would watch them play at a recreational center until, one day, he decided to give it a go.

Family Support

Kanak has an older sister, Prachi, who also played for the US national team. With the support of his enthusiastic ping-pong family, Kanak kept on playing and developing his skills until he competed in an international tournament when he was 12. His family realized he had so much potential and thought he could use some world-class training resources. For this reason, he relocated to Sweden with his older sister to receive the best training from globally renowned players and coaches.

Training in Europe

At the Swedish club, Kanak has played against many table tennis professionals with different styles from various parts of the world. He had a rigorous training schedule that went for 6 hours every day 6 times a week. The training paid off in 2016 when Kanak succeeded in the North American Olympic qualifying tournament. The success was a highlight in his young career. The winner was to get into the Rio 2016 Olympics and get a teammate and a spot for their team.

Kanak was the youngest US national pig pong team member to play in the Rio 2016 Olympics. Even though he was defeated in the preliminary round by Nimal Alamian from Iran, the chance to be at Rio was a big accomplishment for him.

According to the NBC Olympics Trusted Source Kanak Jha | NBC Olympics Kanak Jha bio, video, news, live streams, interviews, social media and more from the 2024 Paris Olympic Game www.nbcolympics.com , Kanak Jha’s residence is Grenzau. After the Rio loss, Kanak’s coach advised him to move to Germany in Grenzau, where he played for one of the top-ranking clubs in the Bundesliga. As Grenzau is a rural town with few distractions, Kanak was able to fully focus on improving his game. He competed for many teams in Bundesliga before landing the popular TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen, which has the super-star French international player Simon Gauzy as one of its members.

Before the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Kanak went back to California to train, and the 888 Table tennis center opening, which was being run by his coach, allowed him to balance spending time with his family and training effectively. Although the center is a great place to train when he visits his family in the US, it does not have the depth of talent needed to become the best ping pong player in the world.


Kanak Jha has had a most fulfilling ping pong career since he first made his international debut in 2014. He was crowned North American cup champion and qualified for his first men’s world cup in Dusseldorf after performing well at the world cadet challenge. He was the youngest player at the tournament ever at 14 years, but he only got to win the first round.

He has won many medals over the course of his career and is on a trajectory to become a world champion. After the Tokyo Olympics, Kanak spoke about his career and said that he has a long way to go as table tennis players peak in their late 20s or early 30s. The 2028 Los Angeles Olympics align with his career-peaking predictions. With his proven potential to beat the top players in the world, Kanak could potentially be a front-runner by that time.

Throughout his career, Kanak Jha’s equipment has been the Timo Ball racket, the Tenergy 05 rubber (forehand), and the Tenergy 05 (backhand).

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Kanak Jha - Ping Pong Player Profile

He is a two-time Olympian and was the US national champion 4 times, winning the national title between 2016 and 2019 for a record four straight national titles.

Kanak Jha is a young ping-pong player with a promising future. According to Table tennis reference, Kanak Jha’s ranking is 30th globally. In September 2019, he was ranked 22nd. He has had many accomplishments in his career, with the bronze medal at the Buenos Aires in the 2018 Youth Olympic Games being one of his most significant wins. On top of being the youngest player at the Rio Olympics in 2016, he became the first American man to win a medal at an Olympics game.


In the same year, Kanak won against India’s Manav Vikash and climbed the under-18 rankings by two positions. In the following year, Kanak set another great record for himself by winning the Men’s single title for the fourth time at the US National Table Tennis Championships. He chose not to participate in the 2021 US National championships so he could focus on the Tokyo Olympics, but he is definitely set to amass more national titles.

Olympics Experience

Kanak was unsuccessful at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics as he got knocked out of the team event in the first round by Sweden. He also lost the singles to Kirill Skachkov. Although it sucked to lose after all the major preparations, he still proved he could hang with the best talents in the world after trampling over Sweden’s Mattis Falck 3-1 in the USA’s sole match.

Medal Records

Here are his competition records since he launched his ping-pong career;

Year Competition
2015 US World and Pan American Team
2016 US Men’s Youth Champion

US Men’s Singles National Champion

US National and Junior Team

US Olympic team – Singles and team

Rio Olympics

2017 US National Men’s team

US Men’s Singles National Champion
World Table Tennis Championships

IITF Pan American Junior Championships

Argentina Junior Open

ITTF Junior Circuit Finals

US National Championships

Croatia Junior Open

Youth Olympic Games

Junior Boys’ Singles Gold

Junior Boys’ Teams Gold

Boys Doubles Gold

Singles Champion

Boys Gold

Men’s Single Champion

Singles Champion

Men’s Singles winner

2018 US National Championships

Pan American Championships

Summer Youth Olympic Game

Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles, and Junior Boys champion

Men’s single-gold

Men’s team – silver

Mixed doubles – silver


2019 US National Championships

Pan American Games

Singles and Doubles – Gold medalist

Men’s Gold, Single’s – bronze, mixed doubles bronze

2020 US Olympic team – Singles and team


Social Media

Kanak Jha is on twitter as Kanaka Jha @Pinginformation. His Instagram is @jhakanak.

Final Thoughts

Kanak Jha is a great ping pong player with the potential to achieve his core goal, which is to obtain a top 10 world ranking. If he is the 30th best now, his dream is valid. He fell short of his hopes at the Tokyo Olympics, but he is back to rigorous training at the German Bundesliga, where he plays top world talents. Although Kanak Jha’s Olympics records are not very impressive, he has the potential to beat the best players in the world. He has beaten ping pong greats like Wong Chun Ting and Mattias Falck. In a few years, Kanak Jha will not only be the best American ping pong player but a world champion.


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Kanak Jha bio, video, news, live streams, interviews, social media and more from the 2024 Paris Olympic Game
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