How to Repair a Ping Pong Table: Useful Tips for Fixing

After reading this article, you should be capable of repairing a ping-pong table at home and with no technical assistance.
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Considering the fact that a ping-pong table can cost quite a lot of money, it can be extremely troubling to have a splintered, dented, or warped ping-pong table. If you currently find yourself in such a situation when you wonder “how to fix a ping-pong table,” there’s no need to panic, as we are going to be running through procedures to help repair a ping-pong table.

As well as this advice, we will also be sharing tips on how to protect your table in the future better because what use in repairing a table if you’d just go back and unwittingly repeat actions that contributed to its damage in the first place? Now, let’s take a closer look at the process of table tennis table repair.

How to repair a ping-pong tabletop

Unfortunately, there are many problems that a ping-pong table can develop over time or as a result of poor use and maintenance. Luckily, there is a variety of ping-pong repair parts, ping-pong table repair paints, and finally, ping-pong table repair kits to facilitate a DIY effort.

Having clarified that a ping-pong table can develop a multitude of problems, we will be tackling them one by one. The process of ping pong table repair to be shared might be tricky to follow for beginners to the game or people lacking adequate craftsmanship, but just like the practice ideas we collated, these repair steps could help a lot if you put in a little more effort. 

Fixing a warped ping-pong table

Many ping-pong tables are constructed with warp-resistant surfaces and wood more stable to warping Trusted Source What Is the Most Stable Wood Against Warping and Shrinking? | Home Guides | SF Gate Some types of boards are less likely to be seriously affected by the changes and some are drastic. , yet warping is one of the most common problems that could develop on the table and many ping-pong lovers want to know how to repair bumps and fix bubbles on a ping-pong table. The warps could be due to old age, bumps, or the table’s use in a damp area (leading to the development of mold). Whatever the cause of the warp, it could affect the ability of players to enjoy the game as it influences the bounce of the ball. Here are steps on how to fix a warped ping pong table:

  1. Disassemble a ping pong table: Unscrew the tabletop from its legs and remove the tabletop.
  2. Assess the damage: Examine the table and identify the warped areas. Do not look for signs of moisture.
  3. Place a large plastic sheet: Spread a large plastic sheet on the floor and place the tabletop (upper surface facing the ground) on the plastic sheet.
  4. Put weights on the warped areas: On the identified warped areas, place weights and leave for about 48 hours before removing the weights. Once done, screw the table’s legs back on, and you should be set to continue playing.

Removing a hole in a ping pong table

Removing a hole in a ping pong table

Holes in the Ping-Pong table can develop as a result of wear and tear or could come about due to mistakes or damages that could occur while playing. To fix such holes, certain tools and materials such as duct tape, wax paper, wood filler, and sanding sheets would be needed. 

  1. Prepare all necessary equipment: Gather all the needed tools and materials, including a small plank of wood as well.
  2. Cleaning up the hole:  Cover the small plank with wax paper and use a plank to cover the hole underneath the table while using duct tape to hold it in place. After this, smoothen the hole using the sanding sheet so as to remove any splinters that may be present.
  3. Applying the wood filler: Mix a wax-based wood filler with a hardener and stir for 30 seconds. Pour the mixture into and on the surface of the hole. Leave it for about 4 hours to harden. 
  4. Sanding the hole: After the filler has dried, smoothen the cover surface with a sanding sheet. This should help return the filled portion back to the regular table level.
  5. Painting the table: Complete the job by painting the table to remove any sign of damage.

Repainting a ping-pong table surface

Sometimes, there are no holes or obvious warps, but your table is starting to look very worn and old, and you feel a ping-pong table surface repair is needed. Rather than replacing it, you should consider getting your hands dirty and restoring it instead. To do so, you would need some protective gloves, sanding sheets, painter’s tape, spray paint, and old newspapers. These are the steps to resurface a ping-pong table:

  1. Preparing all the tools and equipment: Gather all the tools and materials to be used.  
  2. Preparing the table: Prepare the table by smoothening the table surface. Use the sanding sheets and continue until the entire table is uniform. 
  3. Painting the table: This is a two-part process due to the original lines present on the table. The first part involves applying a thin coat of paint all over the table and drying it. Once dry, the original table lines should be framed using tape, and the rest of the table should be covered with old newspapers. Spray the lines framed with tape evenly and thickly and allow the paint to dry. It would help if you had your table looking as good as new after that.

Removing scratches

Compared to the earlier problems, this is relatively simple to take care of. However, before you start, the table should be cleaned. Using the wrong cleaning agents could be detrimental to the health of the table, and the highly recommended JOOLA Table Cleaner has been endorsed by many to be safe. The following methods could then be used to remove the scratches and refinish a ping-pong table:

  1. Using putty: Mix up putty and apply to the scratches with a putty knife. Smoothen the putty covering with a spatula and leave it for a while to dry. Finally, smoothen the dried surface with a sanding sheet to return it to table level before painting over the covering. 
  2. Using car wax: Similarly, car wax can be used instead of putty if the scratches are not too bad. However, in this case, the wax would be used to polish the table, after which a cleaner should be used as well.
  3. Applying toothpaste: This is most effective on superficial scratches, and even at that, it might not work all the time. Apply a little toothpaste and a little water to the surface of the scratch, and use a soft cloth to spread it over the surface.
  4. Eco-friendly way: The eco-friendly approach to the problem o a scratch would be to cover it up with a piece of sticky paper simply.

Removing sticky dirt

If the table is left open after use, dirt, oil, and waxes from old polishing could accumulate on its surface, and a little moisture or heat could make it sticky. To remove dirt Trusted Source Renew Wood Finishes with Mineral Spirits - Quick Tips - Bob Vila Even if you someday plan on refinishing tired furniture or trim, you can renew wood finishes with mineral spirits right now, quickly and easily. , turpentine oil (and hot water) can be applied as a solvent to dissolve and clean away the dirt. After a while, the table surface should be wiped clean using a rag, and, if you wish, you could then paint the table as well.

How to protect a ping-pong table from damages: tips

Anything could damage the surface of a ping-pong table, ranging from stray pets to training robots and even your paddles themselves. However, a little proactive management of your ping-pong table could save you the effort that would otherwise be spent repairing it. Some of these measures are:

  1. Fold up the foldable tables after usage or cover the non-foldable ping-pong tables
  2. Clean the tables before and after usage with the cleaning spray
  3. Using a tablet-friendly training robot like the JOOLA Tour 2500 PONG Trainer Motion robot
  4. Avoid banging the paddles on the table when playing
  5. Don’t leave the table outside after using it


Can you paint a ping-pong table?

Yes, you can paint a ping-pong table. Only make sure you prepare all the necessary supplies and the table before painting. Following the steps we described above, you’ll be able to paint it without any trouble.

How to fix a cracked ping-pong ball?

To fix a cracked ping-pong ball, apply wood putty to the cracks. You can also put the ball in the dryer for 30 seconds or more, depending on the quality of the ball.

Final thoughts

Like any other game or sport, Ping-Pong can get very completive, but regardless of how heated things could get, care should always be taken to observe the necessary measure required to protect the table and ensure its longevity.

That said, the word ping-pong was used extensively to describe the table in this article, but the repair procedures shared areas suitable for repairs of ping-pong tables as they are for the repair of table tennis tables. The same tables may be used for both games, and many players mistake both games for one another. However, this article covers the difference between the two games. 

Regardless of which table is being repaired, the solutions we have provided should do the trick. If they don’t offer a satisfactory result, it may be time to reinvest in a new table to keep enjoying the game you love.


What Is the Most Stable Wood Against Warping and Shrinking? | Home Guides | SF Gate
Some types of boards are less likely to be seriously affected by the changes and some are drastic.
Renew Wood Finishes with Mineral Spirits - Quick Tips - Bob Vila
Even if you someday plan on refinishing tired furniture or trim, you can renew wood finishes with mineral spirits right now, quickly and easily.
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