Wang Chuqin

World ranking
Age 24 years
Style The All-Rounder
Grip Shakehand
Wang Chuqin
World ranking
Age 24 years
Style The All-Rounder
Grip Shakehand

Wang Chuqin is one of the leading table tennis players in the sport at this time. Heralding from China and an important part of the China National Team, he is a young player that everyone has their eye on. If you love the sport of table tennis, you will find that Wang Chuqin is going to be one of your favorite players to keep track of. Keep reading if you want to learn some more about his achievements, his playing style, and the equipment that he uses as he competes.

Quick Facts

Tou Tou
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Jilin, China
147 lbs (2023)
Hair Color
China National Team
Net Worth
estimated $1-5 million


Wang Chuqin was born on May 11, 2000.  He was born in Jilin, China, and he is 6 feet tall. He is still a Chinese citizen, and he plays for the Chinese table tennis team. Chuqin has been one of the most successful table tennis players for years in China, and his youth makes him a star that is still on the rise. He began his years of success playing Youth League games and continues to be a force to be reckoned with in adult play. Being invited to help fill out the first table tennis team for China is an honor that is in keeping with his success as a player over the years.

He was a gold medalist in ping pong in 2018, and he continues to enjoy success playing professionally. Wang has been playing table tennis since 2012. He does not have any children, and he is currently dating Sun Yingsha. He takes his table tennis playing very seriously, and this is one of the most important things in his life.


Wang Chuqin began playing table tennis in 2012. Wang was a success nearly from the start, winning silver in singles and gold with his team at the 2013 Asian Youth Championship. He has also won medals in singles, doubles, and mixed play at the World and Asian Youth Championships. In 2020, he won a silver medal in the team competition and a bronze in singles.

He has been a member of China’s first national table tennis team since 2015. He participated in the 2022 Olympic Games, and he has been a four-time world champion in both team and mixed doubles play. He has also been a two-time winner of the first super tournament of the WTT Smashes in China.

The major highlights of his career have been winning the Chinese National Championship twice and winning gold in the men’s singles and mixed teams events at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.

He was recently invited to join the Olympic team which went to the 2020 Olympics, and he continues to be part of the team with plans to play on the national team. With many world championships and world cup wins under his belt, he is poised to be a leader in talent for the current national team.

Wang Chuqin Playing Style

Wang Chuqin has a flexible play style which allows him to play in mixed play settings as well as singles. This has offered him a lot of versatility that has given him a chance to play in many competitions and with lots of skilled and successful teammates. Being a flexible player and a young one means that Wang Chuqin will likely continue to be included in many unique team pairings throughout his career. His success at both singles and team play makes him a unique player in many ways. There are few people who can teach you how to hold a ping pong paddle like Wang Chuqin!

Wang Chuqin Olympic History

Chuqin has been to one Olympic games and won a gold in the singles as well as the mixed team competitions.

Honors and Achievements

Wang Chuqin Ping Pong Player Profile

Results from his various major competitions are listed below. He has been very busy playing internationally of late, and this is likely to be just the beginning of his successes as an adult player.

  1. World Championship: Round of 16 (2021)
  2. WTT Grand Smashes: Round of 16 (Singapore Smash-2022)
  3. WTT Cup Finals (World Cup): Bronze (2021)
  4. WTT Champions: Winner (Macao-2022)
  5. Asian Championship: 1/4 finals (2019)
  6. ITTF (WTT) Tour (3): Winner (Swedish Open-2019, WTT Macao-2022, WTT Star Contender Budapest-2022)
  7. Youth Olympic Games: Winner (2018)
  8. World Youth Championship: Bronze (2015, 2017)

Men’s doubles

  1. World Championship: Winner (2019)
  2. WTT Grand Smashes: Winner (Singapore Smash-2022)
  3. World Youth Championship: Winner (2015, 2017), Bronze (2014)
  4. World Cadet Challenge: Winner (2013)
  5. Asian Youth Championship: Quarter-finals (2017 – juniors)

Mixed doubles

  1. World Championship: Winner (2021)
  2. WTT Grand Smashes: Winner (Singapore Smash-2022)
  3. Asian Games: Winner (2018)
  4. Asian Championship: Silver (2019)
  5. ITTF (WTT) Tour (4): Winner (WTT Contender Laško-2021, WTT Contender Novo Mesto-2021, WTT Contender Muscat-2022, WTT Star Contender Budapest-2022)
  6. World Youth Championship: Winner (2014), Silver (2015), Bronze (2017)
  7. Asian Youth Championship: Winner (2017 – juniors)


  1. World Championship: Winner (2018, 2022)
  2. Asian Games: Winner (2018)
  3. Asian Championship: Winner (2019)
  4. Youth Olympic Games: Winner (2018)
  5. World Youth Championship: Winner (2014, 2015, 2017)
  6. World Cadet Challenge: Winner (2013)
  7. Asian Youth Championship: Winner (2013 – cadets, 2015, 2017 – juniors)

Net Worth and Income

His current income is about $218,880 million USD. His net worth is said to be about 1-5 million USD. These are approximate numbers since his wealth has to be converted into US dollars.

Social Media

Wang Chuqin’s Instagram is @Wangchuqin_official. He does not have a Twitter or another form of social media to connect with.

Personal Life

Not much is known about Wang’s personal life. He is dating Sun Yingsha, but they are not yet married. He has no children. There have been questions about marriage, but there has been no announcement of any intention to marry from either of Chuqin or Yingsha at this time.

Wang Chuqin Equipment

Butterfly Viscaria
DHS Hurricane 3
Butterfly Tenergy 05
Butterfly Viscaria
More More
DHS Hurricane 3
Butterfly Tenergy 05
More More


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Final Thoughts

Wang Chuqin is one of the most successful table tennis players in China despite his young age. He has been a phenom in the sport since he began playing in serious youth competitions in 2015, and he continues to be one of the best players on the national team. There is a bright future ahead of Wang Chuqin, and his passion for his play will carry him forward into new successes.

Wang Chuqin is one of the key players leading the sport of table tennis, and he is one of the young up-and-coming players who everyone has their eye on.