How to Clean Your Ping Pong Paddle: Dos, Don’ts, and Some Maintenance Tips

We explain four common methods to clean your ping pong paddle and things you should avoid doing while you clean it.
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Have you ever seen a musician not tuning his instrument? Or a mechanic who forgets to inflate the tires? The table tennis paddle, to be used to its maximum potential for a long time, must be properly maintained.

To start, you must learn how to clean ping-pong paddles efficiently without getting the opposite of what you intend to achieve.

After each play, you need to first wipe off the dust on the rubber with a sponge and spray. Remember that the sponge should not have too much water; otherwise, it will damage the rubber and the bottom plate. Wait until the cleaning agent on the rubber skin dries. After the cleaning agent is dried, you can apply a protective film or just keep it in the paddle cover.

In this post, we will talk more about the importance and how to clean your ping pong racket.

Why is it crucial to clean your ping pong paddle?

By taking care and maintaining your ping pong paddle, the table tennis playing accessory will last much longer. Also, its durability and the surface’s bounce-off quality will not be lost as the months go by.

By learning how to clean a table tennis racket, you can have better corners, better control, better defense and attack, and more. Otherwise, by not taking care of it, its lifetime will be reduced, and the lack of quality will affect your playing techniques.

We know a table tennis paddle isn’t usually very expensive. But that’s not enough reason not to care for it.

Here, we give you essential tips on how to clean table tennis blades.

How often should you clean it?

You should wipe it clean at least every other day with a piece of cloth if you practice every day. However, you can clean the rubbers and the paddle once or twice in one or two months.

You can use a wet or damp cloth to wipe away the dust, sweat, or grime that your paddle almost always has after playing. Avoid using synthetic materials.

Keep in mind that the cleaning of your paddle depends on how you use it. If you play for long hours and almost every day, we recommend cleaning it daily. Also, new paddles tend to attract a lot more dust.

Before storing it in its case, make sure it is dry. You don’t want the water to pool on the rubbers or wood, as it can damage them.

Things you will need for cleaning ping pong paddle

How to Clean Your Ping Pong Paddle: Dos, Don'ts, and Some Maintenance Tips

To maintain your table tennis racket, you can prepare your own ping pong paddle cleaning kit.

  • Racket cover
  • Protective film
  • Washing sponge
  • Rubber cleaning agent
  • Dry towel

The cleaning process

There are several ways to clean a table tennis paddle. Below, we explain the most common ones.

With detergent on a soft sponge

With detergent on a soft sponge

To clean ping pong paddle rubber with this method, lightly moisten a soft sponge in some room temperature water and wipe over Trusted Source Ho to Clean Ping Pong Paddle Rubber - wikiHow If you take good care of your paddle and clean it regularly, you will ensure that the rubber stays fresh enough for those fancy spin shots and serves. the table tennis racket using light circular motions. If the table tennis racket is very dirty or greasy it is possible to use one or two drops of neutral detergent on the soft sponge.

Then wipe a soft, dry, lint-free cloth over the racket. Be sure to dry the entire surface well.

If necessary, do a thorough cleaning with the help of an old toothbrush that you no longer use. Pass it subtly over all corners of the racket. This can be useful to remove dirt that is used over time.

In any case, the special sponge for paddle cleaning is the best for this. You can find this in kits sold commercially.

According to most reviews, the most popular table tennis racket cleaning kit with a sponge is the Butterfly Racket Care Kit. This set includes a paddle cleaner and a cleaner sponge, among other items.

With a dry-wrung towel

Another method to use is: after the racket is used, wipe off the sweat stains on the racket with a dry towel.

Then wipe off the dirt on the rubber with a wrung wet towel. Next, cover with polyester paper and positive glue before the leather is completely dried.

Store it after the rubber is dry. The racket should be stored in a ventilated and dry place, away from heat sources. Avoid sunlight exposure, and do not pile heavy objects on the racket.

With a cleaning spray

The best way to clean table tennis rubber is by using a paddle spray. According to user reviews, the Killerspin Paddle Rubber Cleaner is the best ping pong paddle cleaner. This kit includes a spray kit, ping pong bat, and other accessories.

Next, gently spray the cleaning agent on the rubber surface. Place it at the height of about 4 inches from the rubber and spray it evenly (usually 3 to 4 times).

After spraying the cleaner, leave it for about 10 seconds, and then wipe the rubber with rubber-cleaning cotton. In the process of wiping, it is best to wipe from bottom to top. The wiping strength should be moderate.

Wipe off the dust and stains on the rubber. After the cleaning agent is dried, stick an anti-adhesive protective film on the rubber. Then, finally, put the paddle into the racket.

With things you have at hand

You can also clean with a dishwashing liquid. The video below describes how to do that.

How to clean astringent rubber

The cleaning of astringent rubber is very simple. Just breathe a few breaths on the rubber with your mouth before using it to form a thin mist on the surface of the rubber. Then, wipe off the dust with your hands.

Things to avoid while cleaning

There are a couple of materials or methods not to try out while cleaning your ping pong paddle.

Do not wash with water

There is no problem with water on both sides of the racket. The main thing is that the rubber and wood board should not be exposed to water.

But, when you have a racket that has been immersed in water for a long time, the rubber layer of the racket will easily separate from the racket board.

The correct approach to cleaning the ping pong paddle is: after you’re done with the game, clean the surface of the rubber cover with soft cotton or ladies’ powder puff. It must have a soft texture with no residues. You can wipe it with the moisture from your breath.

To protect the table tennis racket, you can also make use of a special rubber cleaning agent, a rubber sponge, a reverse rubber protective film, and a racket cover.

After each game or practice, spray the cleaning agent on the surface of the rubber. Then wipe it clean with a washing sponge.

You don’t have to use a protective film

Due to the stickiness of the material, the protective film itself will absorb some dust. So it is not recommended to use the protective film, as long as the racket is put in the racket cover. Otherwise, you can paste the protective film after washing.

Avoid harsh cleaning products

How to Clean Your Ping Pong Paddle: Dos, Don'ts, and Some Maintenance Tips

You should only use soaps and detergents that are recommended for use on rubber. They can degrade the rubber on the paddle.

Avoid using abrasive scrubbers

Anything like scrubbers with abrasive elements should be steer cleared off. You should only use materials with a gentle cloth, soft bristle brush, or soft toothbrush.

How to keep your paddle clean for longer

The proper ping pong paddle maintenance will save you time and money in the long run.

Get a paddle cover


How to Clean Your Ping Pong Paddle: Dos, Don'ts, and Some Maintenance Tips

This will protect it from dust and everything that makes you want to clean the bat, asides from perspiration during play. When not playing, it should always be stored there. It should be noted that the material must not be attractive to dust and must be waterproof. Avoid storing it in common bags. It is not expensive to get one.

Use a cleaning agent

After the racket is used, first shake the cleaning agent and spray it evenly on the rubber skin. Wipe it clean with a sponge, and then attach a protective film to the racket rubber.

If you don’t have a cleaning agent yet, one of the most recommended by our experts is the MightySpin Ping Pong Accessories. This cleaning kit helps you tune your tool so you can get the best from it.

How to maintain your paddle

The maintenance of table tennis bats can be summarized in three sentences: the bottom is protected from moisture, the rubber is protected from aging, and during use, it must be protected from falling.

Maintain according to the season

The maintenance of a paddle rubber is related to the weather. The temperature in winter is low, and the elasticity of rubber is not great during this time. In summer or areas with higher temperatures, the elasticity of rubber is usually at its best. During this time, it has a tendency for strong friction, and the ball bouncing off it can fly farther.

Also, when the humidity is high, there is moisture on the rubber, just like a layer of fog on a mirror, and the ball is easy to slip at this time.

During the rainy season, it is especially necessary to remove the dirt from the rubber to avoid affecting the friction of the racket.

If you are playing in a damp place, you can use a desiccant to wipe the rubber to reduce the humidity on the rubber surface.

Keep it out of the sun

How to Clean Your Ping Pong Paddle: Dos, Don'ts, and Some Maintenance Tips

Do you play outside? The easiest way to degrade the paddle is by leaving it exposed to sunlight rays, as this can “kill” it. That is, it will completely burn the rubbers and make them lose their property, and you may start shopping for new ping pong paddle rubbers.

So, you will hardly be able to generate curves anymore. If you play outdoors, there is no problem, but do not play for more than 10 or 20 minutes or better avoid a sunny day.

Keep it away from any inclement weather

Rain, dust, snow, or anything external that sticks to your paddle will be torture for it. Water or dust particles can shorten their life or damage the wood.

Remember that cleaning is done as soon as you finish playing, not before. Imagine that you finish playing on Tuesday and you will not play again until Friday. It will be two to three days in which the dust would be damaging and deteriorating the rubbers. So clean it on Tuesday and leave it like that until you return.

Do not leave it lying on the table

Do not leave it lying on the table as the surface may be dirty. Much less if you play at a table that is on the street or outdoors. If you are going to rest, put the paddle in its cover until you return.

Protect the rubber

Place a quality protective strip around the rubbers. They generally come if you have bought them pre-assembled. Otherwise, ask your teacher or a colleague who knows how to help.

Play carefully

Avoid hitting the table or wall with the paddle, as you can break the rubbers. Try not to knock the racket or scratch the film on tables, nets, baffles, walls, pillars, and other places. We believe some players have a tendency for this.

You already know about it, take good care of it, and it will last you much longer than you think. It is your weapon and your best friend, the one that will accompany you in all practices and tournaments.

Only use professional adhesive

If the film is off the bottom plate, it must be glued with professional glue. Never use glue-like adhesive 502, or the bottom plate will be useless.

Final thoughts

While the wood core of the paddle is not afraid of anything, the coating of the ping-pong racket is fragile. So, it’s the coating that you need to protect. There are a few tips to know if you wish to learn how to clean ping pong paddle. And the first is always to leave the racket in its bag to avoid impact or friction against an object that would cause premature wear. It is also necessary, after each match or training, to clean the coating.

Microscopic bullet dust is embedded in it, but there is also your perspiration which can leave an aggressive layer on the coating. To properly clean this coating, there are products dedicated to this. A sponge and spray can be effective. It is also good to keep your paddle away from too sudden changes in temperature or humidity.


Ho to Clean Ping Pong Paddle Rubber - wikiHow
If you take good care of your paddle and clean it regularly, you will ensure that the rubber stays fresh enough for those fancy spin shots and serves.
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