Ping Pong Games to Play Alone and in a Big Company

In this article you will find various ping pong games to play - from adding a twist to self-training routine to creative use of equipment
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It is not uncommon to find people moaning about how buying a ping pong table is not worth it since they get to play only one game. But that is not true considering the reality that you can play more than one game on a ping pong table. You might be surprised but there is no shortage of ping pong games to play as you will soon find out.

Whether you are using your ping pong table or you are using ping pong balls, there are many game ideas to explore. For example, you can turn your ping pong table into a basketball ball court and shoot your ping pong balls into a ‘basket’. Sounds fun, right? Wait till you find out we have many more for you!

In this article, we will share several fun ping pong games with you and explain what you need and how to play them. Let’s play!

Games to Play on Ping Pong Table 

As we suggested earlier, there are various games to play on ping pong table. Below, we will discuss the most exciting games you can play on the table:

Self-training gamePing Pong Games to Play Alone and in a Big Company


The first game idea we have for you is a self-training game. With this game, you do not even need an opponent to play. Yes, you can play it all about yourself! But you will need to find the best ping pong table with high-quality construction. You want to enjoy training your playing skills, so it’s best to use the right table.

A popular choice among ping pong enthusiasts is the Butterfly Premium 19 Rollaway, which is perfect if durability and storage space are your prime concerns. Moreover, the table’s legs are indented from its sides and ends for unhindered footwork.

Also, it helps to get a hold of the best ping pong paddle, most preferably ITTF-certified. With the right paddle, you can do wonders on the ping pong table. And you should complete the set with a high-quality ball or balls. Luckily for you, the best ping pong balls on the market are not difficult to find.

Additionally, add targets on the table to hit them and you can even arrange prizes for hitting the targets. Pick up your paddle and aim the ball at your prepared targets.

Basketball ping pong

Remember we hinted at basketball ping pong at the beginning of this article? If you did not get the idea, rest assured that you are about to do so. To play basketball ping pong, you need your paddle, ball(s), and two cups (plastic or foam). There will be a cup on your side of the table and another one on your opponent’s side.

Depending on your preferred difficulty level, you can choose to do away with the paddle and use your hand instead. Of course, using your hand to throw the ball into the cup is going to be easier than using a paddle.

For the basketball ping pong, your opponent will use their hand or paddle to prevent the ball from falling into their cup when you play. When your opponent plays, you will also try to block their ball from entering your cup. Whoever gets the ball into the cup gets the point.

Besides, you and your opponent or other players have the freedom to set the score rules. To make it more fun and realistic, you can adopt the traditional basketball scoring method Trusted Source Basketball scoring, rules and officials Learn about and revise basketball in this BBC Bitesize GCSE PE study guide. but that might require you to design your table like a basketball court.

Skee ball ping pong

For skee ball ping pong, you will need a ping pong ball as well as cardboard with holes of different sizes. Carve the cardboard like the regular skee ball scoring spots. You need to ensure that the smallest hole can let the ball pass. The smaller the size of the hole, the higher the point value.

After preparing the necessary playing tools, place the cardboard at the end of the table. Stand at the opposite end and aim the ball at the holes. If you are about to improve your ping pong skills, you should use a paddle to hit the ball.

Tag ping pong

Tag ping pong is one of the most exciting ping pong games for groups. Of course, it involves two people or more. First of all, play a game like rock-paper-scissors or roll a dice to choose two straight winners who will play ping pong.

Just like the traditional game, the winners will hit the ball back and forth until there is a winner. Then, the loser drops out and someone else takes their place. The replacement will also be chosen with a small game. The game goes on until there is an ultimate winner.

Beer pong

Ping Pong Games to Play Alone and in a Big CompanyBeer pong is another group ping pong game. The more players, the more lively the atmosphere is going to be. You will need many plastic cups and a few pieces of paper too. Pour beer or wine into some cups. Write various challenges on some pieces of paper and put them in the other cups. Then, proceed to play.

Using your paddle, aim the ball at the cups. If the ball falls inside a cup of drink, your opponent will drink from the cup and vice versa. Also, if the ball falls inside a challenge cup, the other guy performs the challenge. The fun is in drinking difficult drinks and completing difficult challenges.

Picking prize

For the picking prize game, you will need a ping pong paddle, a ping pong ball, and a bunch of small prizes. Here, you are playing to win the prizes. Spread the prizes apart on one side of the table. Since there is usually a great chance of hitting a gift, you have to make things slightly trickier for the players.

Ask the players a trivia question and allow them to play only if they gave the correct answer. The player will win the first prize the ball hits. This is one game you want to have among your party or Christmas games.

Around the world

To play the around the world game, you will also need a ping pong paddle, ball, and table. This one is best played with a minimum of four players but there is more fun with up to six or eight players. You will need one player at the end of the table and another at the other end. The players have at least one other player on their team.

Once a player hits the ball to the other player, they move and let their teammate take the return ball. The opponent who has just returned the ball will also allow their teammate to replace them. The teams will continue hitting the ball back and forth and rotating their spots until someone misses.

You have the discretion to create the rules of the game. The player who misses can get eliminated immediately or go out after three strikes.

Games to Play with Ping Pong Balls

Away from the different ping pong games you can play on ping pong tables, let’s discuss the games to play with ping pong balls below:

Eggs in the basket

Ping Pong Games to Play Eggs in the basketThis game requires plenty of balls but you will not be needing a paddle. You will have an egg basket on a table. Each player should have a different color of balls. Have the egg basket in the middle of the room and the players should be an equal distance away from it.

Also, players should have a flat surface table in front of them. They will bounce the ball off the table to land it in the egg basket. All players play simultaneously as quickly as they can. The first player to land a specified number of balls in the egg basket wins.

Live target

All you need here are your bath towel, a bucket, and ping pong balls. The box will be your live target. Each player will have one towel and one bucket. They will need to lay down the towels on different ends of the room. Next, they hold one end of their towels with a weight, maybe a heavy book, and place a ball on the other end.

Then, the players kneel at the free end of the towel with the ball and fling it upwards and towards their buckets. Depending on your preference, you can set a specific time to end the game or a specified number of successful throws for the winner.

Blow ballPing Pong Games to Play Blow ball


Here, you will be blowing a lot of balls! You will need a dinner plate and one color of ping pong balls for each player. Put the plates on a chair or a table. Then, the players use their breath to blow the balls off.

To make things more complicated for the players, place three different-colored balls on their plates. These three balls are to stay on the plate until the other balls are fully blown away. If any of the colored balls fall, the player will need to place it back on the plate before they can continue blowing other balls. The first player with only the three different-colored balls left on their plate wins!

Contrary to what you might have thought, there are many multicolored balls on the market. According to most reviews, the JOOLA Colorato Set is perfectly designed for this game. The set includes a total of 12 balls, including 6 that are solid primary colors and another 6 that are orange/green and pink/blue colored balls.

Junk in the trunk

For this game, each player needs an empty tissue box, eight ping pong balls, and a strong tape. They should also wear a belt. Attach the tissue box to the back of the players’ belts using the tape. The opening of the box is to face away from the player. Then, put the eight balls into the tissue box of all players.

Play a fast-paced song and have the players swing and shake their hips to get all of the balls out of the tissue box. The first player to rid their box of all balls wins!

Puddle jumper

The puddle jumper game requires six water glasses and three ping pong balls for each player. This is another game that requires your breath. Fill three glasses with water and throw a ball in each of them for each player. Then, place three target glasses in front of them. The distance between the three target glasses should be increasingly farther from the starting glasses.

Each player has to blow the balls from the starting glasses into the target glasses. If they miss a target, they have to pick up the ball and go again. The first player to push the balls in all of the target glasses is the winner!

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days when all you could do with a ping pong table, ping pong paddle, and a ping pong ball was play the traditional way. Today, there are various creative free ping pong games you can explore away from the traditional method of playing. By now, you know that there are many fun games to play with your ping pong table.

Even if you don’t own a ping pong table, ping pong balls are all you need for some interesting games. Not only do these games deliver incredible excitement, but they also offer various health benefits Trusted Source 10 unexpectedly great benefits of playing table tennis I know what you’re thinking: you’ve not thought about playing table tennis since you left your church youth club in 2005 . With so many ping pong games to play, you do not have to deal with boring days anymore!


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I know what you’re thinking: you’ve not thought about playing table tennis since you left your church youth club in 2005
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